Apple Watch Case and Strap Size Guide

Selecting the right case and strap for your Apple Watch enhances your experience and ensures maximum comfort and style. To find your perfect match, here's what you need to do:

For the Case:

  1. Check the Engraving on the Back: Flip your Apple Watch to its backside to reveal the engraving.

  2. Read the Details: Find the series and case size information engraved, typically noted as "Series [number] - [size in mm] Aluminum Case" (e.g., Series 7 - 38mm).

  3. Note Your Case Size: The millimeter number represents your watch's case size, which is crucial for selecting compatible accessories.

For the Strap:

  1. Understand the Strap Sizes: Apple Watch straps typically come in two sizes: one for the smaller 38mm and 40mm cases and another for the larger 42mm and 44mm cases.

  2. Measure Your Wrist: Use a measuring tape to measure your wrist circumference. This measurement will help you choose a strap that provides the best fit.

  3. Select the Strap Length: With your wrist measurement in hand, refer to Apple's strap sizing guide to find the small, medium, or large strap length that will fit you best.

  4. Match Your Strap to Your Case: Ensure the strap you choose is compatible with your case size. The attachment points must match the case size for a secure fit.

By following these steps and knowing your wrist size and case size, you can confidently select an Apple Watch strap that is both stylish and comfortable.